Integrate Micropower with iVvy

Create transparencies between your Sales & Catering team and your events

With this integration, new bookings are added to Micropower from iVvy, allowing your events to be accessible by your sales and catering team.
During your event, all saleable items are logged and managed against your event booking in Micropower.
At the conclusion of your event, transactions are added to iVvy as Additional Items and you will be able have an accurate final invoice with any outstanding amounts.

How it Works

Data Direction



Additional Items

Saleable Items

Invoice & Payments


key Features

  • Automatically create your event’s account in Micropower
  • Capture details of transactions during your event. These transactions will then be available in iVvy
  • Consolidate charges from multiple systems allowing ease of administration and reporting
  • Minimise user error by eliminating the need to manually transfer or balance figures between the two systems