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iVvy Wins Prestigious iAward for Technological Innovation

Posted by James Greig on 14 July 2016 | Comments

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Events technology company iVvy has won the prestigious iAward, Australia’s leading awards program for innovation in the digital economy, in Queensland. iVvy was picked as the best in the Business Services category by a jury that included judges from CSIRO, Swinburne University and other leading organisations.

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Breaking news: You can now search, compare, book & pay for your entire event through your iVvy account!

Posted by Lauren Hall, CEO on 18 December 2015 | Comments


iVvy has developed the world’s first booking engine for the events industry, enabling you to search, compare, book and pay for your entire event including function space, food & beverage and group accommodation instantly, and all in the one place.

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Tech Trends Shaping The Hospitality Industry

Posted by The iVvy Team on 5 May 2015 | Comments

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54f3e7e0c55c7Marriott recently tested beacon technology in 14 hotels, becoming the first brand in hospitality to use the low-cost transmitters that have been used in other industries. Beacons offer indoor positioning through Wi-Fi and allow companies to offer more personal experiences with consumer context. Shazam will use it to offer personalised song recommendations, Virgin Atlantic uses it to send its Heathrow passengers information on phones, and Rolls-Royce uses it to give museum goers multi-sensory experience.

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