Introducing Liquid - Create jaw-dropping websites with iVvy’s new Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

Posted by Rachel Pleasant, Marketing & Communications Manager on 11 April 2016 | Comments

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No longer do you need to battle with clunky event website-building tools, with less than spectacular design templates; or pay through the nose to have custom event websites created - Introducing iVvy’s new Drag-and-drop website builder ‘Liquid’.

Liquid has all the features you need to build jaw-dropping websites, with unrivalled ease of use. So, whether you have a simple meeting or a multi-day conference you can create stunning websites with no coding or website experience needed.

So how exactly is Liquid different to any other event web-builder tools on the market?

It’s Mobile Responsive

More and more people are accessing information through their mobile devices, and your event website is no exception. Users don’t want to zoom-in to read content on their iPad/Android device, or struggle to tap a button because it is too small on their phone. The new iVvy layout feature automatically changes the layout and resizes the elements of your website to make it look spectacular and easy to use no matter what device it’s viewed on.

Dynamic ‘Drag and Drop’ Content Blocks

To create dynamic event pages, and to reduce the content you need to input we have introduced modular dynamic content blocks that can pull in information from the iVvy platform regarding your event, and display them in a structured and customisable way.

We have a range of blocks including, event countdown timers, program and speaker listing blocks and travel and accommodation options, all of which pull their content directly out of the iVvy platform. You still maintain complete control within each section, having the ability to change layouts, headings and a range of other styles.

Should you create similar events throughout the year you can easily copy event page layouts from previous events, to avoid having to re-create this each time, like ticketing or session options.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is playing an ever more important role in building pre-event buzz, and helping create social conversations among attendees, and with event organisers. Given this we have introduced real-time twitter and instagram feeds to help you create excitement, and increase your overall engagement.

More Control

After receiving feedback from our clients we understand organisers want more fine grained control over the way their events look and how they work, so we have made it possible to easily and seamlessly;

  • Control your website theme - no need for css coders, you have the ability to control everything from fonts, to image radiuses in our new section settings, and for those of you that are CSS gurus, you can add your own CSS styles.
  • Generate unlimited web pages - You can now add as many content pages as you want!
  • Ensure your site is ‘Search Engine’ friendly - with access to edit page names, titles and meta tags, you can make sure that your website is easily found by search engines 

And that’s just the start

One of the best things about ‘Liquid’ is that it has been built in a way that allows us to easily create additional layouts, and add more options for theming, giving you even more power. We plan to continually build and develop this tool, ensuring the tools you have are continually cutting-edge.

It is definitely an exciting time at iVvy with lots of innovation happening in the background. We are excited to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible - watch this space!

If you would like to know more about Liquid contact us on 1300 004 889, or if you would like to book a demonstration click here