Breaking news: You can now search, compare, book & pay for your entire event through your iVvy account!

Posted by Lauren Hall, CEO on 18 December 2015 | Comments


iVvy has developed the world’s first booking engine for the events industry, enabling you to search, compare, book and pay for your entire event including function space, food & beverage and group accommodation instantly, and all in the one place.

How does it work?

Venues publish their live availability and pricing, so you can easily search venues for the dates you require, and compare pricing for your preferred venues.

This saves weeks in research, phone calls, emails, and waiting on venues to respond to RFPs, allowing you to focus on creating exciting events, instead of on boring administration.

Will this cost me money?

This is a free feature for event organisers and iVvy event account holders and will not be charged to your account.

So how do I use this function within my account?

Simply click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab in the top navigation bar of your account, and you are on your way to booking your next event online.